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   Jul 23, 2014

Computerised Khata / कम्प्यूटरीकृत खाता / Record of Right (ROR)           
  • How to get an Authorized copy of Khatauni or Record of Right(RoR) or Land Record Details ?
    The Land Records Details available on "Dev-bhoomi" site is for viewing only.For obtaining an authorized signed copy of RoR, one has to visit the "Tahsil Land Records Computer Center" in the concerned Tahsil of that village.
  •   What is the Fee  prescribed by Govt for obtaining RoR ?
    The fees prescribed by Govt for obtaining RoR is quite nominal and is as under:-
    • Rs.15/- for first page of RoR
    • Rs.5/- per subsequent pages of RoR


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